who we are

At Imaginera we have a narrow but deep focus to what we do – we focus on working with reinsurance clients but work across all departments within them. This allows us to have a deep-seated understanding of our clients and their market, which in turn gives the ability to offer suggestions based on both business requirements and technical possibilities.

We bring both market knowledge and technical excellence.


how we work

Rather than offer ‘developers for hire’, we give you access to a Consultant who acts as a single point of contact to do everything from gathering requirements and prioritising them to offering suggestions as to how they should be approached. They will support your in-house demonstrations of new software and work with you to make your project(s) a success.

The Imaginera Consultant works with our team of engineers to deliver your requirements. You’re not tied to a single person and impacted by their holidays, sickness or even their technical experience. Furthermore, if you have tight deadlines for certain deliveries we have the flexibility to add extra members to the project and increase velocity.


our experience

Imaginera has been responsible for creating a variety of large scale, line of business applications for our reinsurance clients.

These include

  • Underwriting platforms
  • Modelling and structuring tools
  • Pricing models
  • CRM and diary management systems
  • Finance and management reporting suites

working with specialists, not generalists

Rather than offer and support a wide variety of software languages, we focus solely on the Microsoft .NET framework. This allows us greater depth of knowledge and ensures a superior solution for you.

The Microsoft .NET framework is our language of choice as it provides a mature, stable and well-supported offering for the team to leverage, but also delivers a solution that’s easy for our clients to find support. The objective is to ensure approaches and technologies can be supported for the longest time at the lowest cost.


not having to ‘work’ again

We feel passionately about creating an environment where people can thrive, reach their potential and have fun doing it. If you’re in the right job, it shouldn’t feel like ‘work’.

We’re not interested in the mediocre and those happy to be merely ‘competent’. Regardless of the stage of your career, if you feel you’ve nothing left to learn, you will not fit in. Imaginera looks to hire people who are driven both to develop themselves and the company. However much you put in, you’ll be matched by what Imaginera gives you back. We’re currently hiring for the following positions, but if you don’t fit this role we’d still like to hear from you.


starting something amazing

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

(+44) 01865 986916
C# Software Engineer
Job Description

You will be working as part of an agile development team across multiple existing and greenfield projects. Working with our client facing consultants you will be involved with the full software development lifecycle and responsibilities will include analysis and design, development, testing, documentation and deployment. Within the .NET framework you will have the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies. With a fairly informal team hierarchy your responsibilities will be widespread, working closely with the consultants to recommend best practice and identify the swiftest and most elegant solutions to problems. In time, there’s the potential for client facing work.

Required skills
Desirable skills
Personal skills
Education Requirements

Please send your CV and a covering letter to careers@imaginera.co.uk to apply